I have added a new section called Breaking News, in here I will add any new stuff, or at least mention of it and where it is. Look for it in the top menu.

Welcome to this new version of motorhomeconversion.com.au, a website set up to share with others the progress of our conversion and enjoyment over the last six and a half years. So much water has gone under the bridge since then, it seems like a whirlwind. We have met some fantastic people (and a couple less so) but overall the experience has been a very positive and fulfilling one.

I am gobsmacked by these photos, to see VP stripped down to bare, rusty bones is just sooo far away from where she is today I can barely believe it. But it has been worth it !

As things move quite quickly on the internet these days the old Word Press theme that the site was based on became unstable so had to be updated. I have taken this opportunity to totally rearrange the site to make navigation easier for first time visitors, or for those of you returning to see how we tackled a particular problem. We have also taken the opportunity to move the site to a Virtual Private Server. The advantage of hosting on a VPS is better security, but from your point of view, faster loading, and that is important on a site with so many pics. This will of course depend on your connection speed.

During this makeover I have added a blog which will allow registered users to leave comments. I hope all posters can respect others and not use this area to vent against others, otherwise I will remove it. For a short time to assist with me working out how to run a blog you will not need to be registered to post a comment there.

Now, please have a look and feel free to let us know what you think. If you come across any errors I have made please let me know on the blog page, this change has been a huge time consumer, taking me away from improvements to VP. Finally we are on our own VPS, see Breaking News.