The kitchen area in VP has already undergone some changes. The stove is in the bin for infrequent use and there is a bar fridge in its place with an induction cooktop on it, soon to be replaced by a double. LED lighting has been added over the bench and a set of door locks fitted to stop doors opening on the move.

The kitchen is simply a flat pack from Bunnings, that I would not do again, because of the weight. One day it will be removed and a lighter one fitted, but for now it will do the job. Very easy to fit up and pretty cheap, all things considered but they are the only pluses I can see. There are extensive cupboards under the benchtop which I made myself from Bunnings supplied material. We have fitted a 1 1/2 sink with mixer tap. As well a drinking water faucet has been fitted as one tank is kept just for this purpose. This water goes through a triple filtration system before it is delivered to the tap and always tastes great. Highly recommended.

A mains powered rangehood is also fitted as the ELV ones just do not move the amount of air that you need to make sure there are no cooking smells inside. Opposite the main kitchen bench and beside the entry door is a computer/office desk where most of the internet stuff is done. Of course LED lights throughout the whole kitchen.