This page is about the chassis modifications we have found it necessary to make. When you cut a hole in the side of a Denning or Austral you cut through the “bridge” connecting the front and rear modules together. The two chassis rails internally do not hold the front and rear modules in plane, just give the thing a backbone to hang all the heavy stuff off.

But, those two members will deflect as you add weight to the build, the more you cut the more they deflect (bend) and you have to do something about that

Our answer, designed by a brilliant young engineer at one of the specialised vehicle builders in Brisbane is to move the “bridges” inside by making the internal rails do more work. Means the loss of the “thru” bins but on reflection this is no issue as we simply put all the stuff like tanks in there that we don’t need to get at. Also means a loss of 65mm ground clearance but with adjustable ride height, is this a problem? We think not.

The below gallery shows some of the members we added to stiffen the coach, plus a few other bits that are commented on as we go