Many people who have visited have been envious of our bathroom but we don’t think it is huge at all. We do want a certain standard of comfort, don’t want to suffer from cabin fever and are prepared to invest in a bigger vehicle to achieve what we want

For us a decent shower is a must so a full fibreglass unit has been fitted, and it has been fitted with a glass screen. Our need for a basin is not great so a small unit has been fitted. The toilet is simply an ordinary household one, slightly modified to use less water with a knife valve fitted between it and the black water tank to stop the bowl emptying during bumpy travel. Add a couple of LED lights and a couple of exhaust fans with a 24 volt fan which will assist in hair drying etc. and bathroom is done and dusted to our requirements.

Some comments have been interesting, from men mostly, “oh you don’t have an RV toilet, you have done it all wrong!” but from women, “oh, you have a proper toilet !” Our philosophy is the comforts of land based home in our mobile home, simple as that. To do that you need a bigger vehicle, you cannot do it in a camper but then it is our intention to live in our mobile home for extended periods.