It was always a given that the entrance door would be removed from where it was. We think this is necessary for several reasons:

  1. Layout is so much easier to achieve when you have a blank canvas. When the door is left in the original place you have to work around it, when you can put it where you want it becomes part of your layout design
  2. Space is wasted. Basically the steps are a walkway that are not much good for anything else. When the change is made you can put seating in there and passengers can travel in comfort, looking directly out the windscreen.
  3. Moving the door makes the vehicle look more like a motorhome than a coach !

We have found it works for us. We do not think the 1/4 spiral steps used by many are very good as they take up too much space. With our design we can drop down a panel and the hole where the steps are disappears and becomes part of the floor, so no floor space is lost at all once you are in for the night.

It is not a simple exercise but one we are very happy we have done.

We have also fitted a door that allows vision while the aircon is running, as the main VP door has no window fitted to it. Keeps the cool air in but does not present an anti social attitude. This is used when the main door is open but we wish to keep comfortable inside. We have found people are undaunted about knocking if they can see through the door, whereas if the solid door is closed, they are reticent.

The picture gallery pretty much tells the story……..