We recently did a short trip around Stanthorpe, visiting wineries and restaurants  for about a week and a half. Each trip is bringing up new little ways to make life more comfortable on the road, so as soon as we return it is into it again to institute those small changes. Thankfully, the list gets shorter all the time.

As we were ready to drive out the gate we blew a power steering hose, I had suggested replacing them when we had a hose guy on site a couple of years ago but he felt them and felt was soft enough to still be good. Huh, when we took them off they were as hard and formed into shape so as to make it impossible for the hose guys to straighten them out and measure them. Replaced and bled system, all good again. These 4 hoses and the brake cans are the only thing underneath not replaced, so the brake cans will be done at the next CPF visit.

One other incident with VP this time, on the long slow grind up the range to Stanthorpe itself, temp rose to about 84 deg C which is not a major worry at all. However, just as we came into Stanthorpe itself, there is another one of these long slow hills, as we crested over it the accelerator did not come back up ! Adrenal gland kicked in big time as we approached the town speed limit signs at 100 kph plus. Managed to pull over, got the revs down by leaving in gear and shut the motor down, leaving the fans running. As the temperature dropped to 83 deg, the pedal came back up !!

WTF !! So we have discovered a temperature dependent problem of a sticking throttle !! Spoke to Cameron from CPF and he is pretty sure it is a sticking injector, so a visit down there is booked straight after Easter.

Apart from that it was a relaxing trip, came back via Tenterfield, down to Casino, Lismore and spent a couple of nights at Brunswick Heads, where I did part of my growing up. Visited Fleet, which has become my favourite restaurant and will get a visit every time we are passing. The Suzzy was pretty noisy every time we loaded it onto the trailer from all the wine bottles stashed in it, found some great little wineries.