We have wanted to add some graphics to VP for a long time now and it is finally done. 3 colour stripes in 2 sizes along the sides of the coach and repeated singly on the trailer. They break up the big expanse of white quite well. As well the name “Vanishing Point” is added to the front and rear of the coach in lettering the same colour as the primary colour of the side decals. Above the name on the rear is a picture which is one of the last scenes of the movie. Basically the story is about an ex cop who has been though the wringer who takes a bet that he can deliver a Dodge Challenger to San Francisco in 15 hours and his adventures upon the way. After being chased by cops across several states they manage to put 2 D9 bulldozers across the road in front of him. There is no way out, but no way he is going to jail so he says fook it and floors it into the blades. The pic is taken from behind the dozers as he implodes, with the bonnet flying through the air.