Trailer is complete and registered any further updates will be shown at bottom.

We have been busy constructing a trailer for the Suzuki Grand Vitara we own to tow behind VP. While we looked at A Framing closely, the end conclusion was, “we did not want to be putting mileage on 2 vehicles at once, and did not want to drag a vehicle behind us while throwing rocks at it. So the decision came down to a trailer. Pros and cons, Ford and Holden, Tourmaster and Denning ?

Anyway we went with trailer, results are below, early days yet.

It is enclosed, carry the bus spares as well as its own and have a washing machine at the front.

As you can see from the latest pics the trailer is outside after I was off crook last week. We tried the Suzuki on both ways but it all sits much happier if it is backed onto the trailer, doesn’t matter to me much as we are putting a really strong tie down system, fore and aft as well as sideways, using the towbar on the rear and the existing front tiedown/towing points on the front.

Tomorrow should see the other side fitted, then the roof can go on, the rear ramps and door can then be attended to.

Updated pics show the rear door/ramps being trial fitted, the roof braces we decided to fit and the system devised from parts lying around to winch the rear door up and down

New pics show the 2 tanks, 100 ltrs each added for extra water storage when we want to stay in one place for a longer time, usually left empty. Pump and power controller shown as well.