We have taken some time out to set up a small winery at Stanthorpe. This project has taken up the last couple of years but is close to completeion. We have commisioned a guy who does stuff for events Queensland to capture some drone footage and do a bit of a story for friends and family, to let them know what we are up to. When it is done it will be posted here.

The 3 Rock Balls refers to the 3 granite boulders we had to dig out to build our winery, the largest is about 14 tonnes ! After all, this is the Granite Belt !

Been awful dry since we moved here but tonight we seem to be getting drought busting rains, another 120mm predicted for tomorrow. Will make life much easier. Wife’s sister supposed to be visiting tomorrow, what;s the bet she can’t get in because of flooded creeks.

In the meantime we are busily making wine from our grapes and others. This is not a commercial venture, we simply give the wine away to family and friends. Trouble is they say it is so good they then want to buy some, which we will not do. Watch this space !