On VP we have not gone down the traditional awning route, i.e. bolt an awning on the side of the coach making the vehicle over width and therefore illegal, something the insurance companies will not miss if it comes to a claim. To say nothing of the eager for promotion NSW RTA inspectors.

Instead we have imported 7 motorised awnings, and have added 3 to each side with another at the rear. Each of the larger side awnings extends 2.5 mtrs, making VP 7.5 mtrs wide when all are extended. We have added eyes to each awning and have had some stainless plates made that bolt into the sides of VP. Then we purchased a heap of spinnaker pole ends and made up our own support posts which clip securely into the side of the coach and the underside of the extended awning. Each pole has a saddle riveted to the top, so tie downs can be clipped on and attached to 12mm stakes driven into the ground to prevent any lifting if we get wind gusts.

Probably will become clear if you look at the pics in the gallery below.