We elected to keep the front area for travelling. To our mind this was a win win, as with no original coach airconthe front split system could do duty in keeping this area cool. You need to remember that just behind this are are 2 large slideouts, so not very much is required to seal the driving position off from the rest of the vehicle. It also means that we do not have large captain’s chairs intruding on our interior. This has proved to be the case in practice and we are happy with this decision, of course you can only do this if you move the door to the centre or elsewhere.

We use an old coach recliner for a passenger seat (rebuilt of course) and put a lap/sash belt for the seat closest to the side, and a lap belt for the centre seat, this is quite legal. As the drivers seat is close to the side, a lap/sash is required there as well. We decided not to spend a lot of time on the dash as I have seen conversions where the dash is bloody fantastic, but then you find it took 2 years to do ! So, we butchered the original fibreglass one piece dash near the old door area and that became our dash, total work about a week. Did the owners for 30 years, dose us as well. One thing I would also remark on, when the area is completely open as we are, a larger impression of space is created than is actually there. Peruse the pics and I think you will find it is pretty self explanatory, give some thought to your and others comfort while you are actually travelling, it will pay off in the end.