We have just returned from a trip to Wagga Wagga and Harden. At Wagga we attended the Stone the Crows festival where you do actually get to stone the crow, albiet a tin one, with a tennis ball. And at Harden we spent a pleasant few days with some other Big Rigs members.

Stone the Crows is a 7 day festival that is jam packed with events, it is limited to 500 motorhomes and caravans and has a permanent home at the ACTA grounds in Wagga. ACTA stands for the Australian Clay Target Association. They have a substantial area close to the city and this is where the festival is held. This year was the 5th year and was a sellout I believe. We had a lot of fun, met some lovely people and even learned a few ukulele cords ! Happy hours were a lot of fun. 

Afterwards we drove about 130 Klms to Harden Showground and spent some time looking around the area with other Big Rig members for a pleasant few days. Then it was time to head home as we had a QA audit coming up for the farm business.

VP performed flawlessly, the only problem was the fuel gauge died 200 Klms from home (probably a fuse) so pretty happy about that