This page is for new stuff that has come along in one form or another;

FINALLY we are on our own VPS (Virtual Private Server) I hope you have noticed the massive increase in speed already (depends on your internet connection though) and it also helps us heaps with security. Big job but it is done now, our other websites will move to our VPS soon as well.

Will kick it off with a recommendation for a custom tank maker in Caboolture Qld, they are currently doing some tanks for me, we are adding another couple of hundreds of litres to the trailer Mick is very helpful and knows his stuff. Have added some pics in the trailer section, now I have finished installing.

VP  now has grahics ! After a long deliberation we have settled on what we want and it is done and dusted. Have a look for VP GRAPHICS in the project section. Done by Brad from Linehouse Graphics on Brissie’s northside.

If you look in radiators you will see a pic of the rear door modifications I have made, this one shows half of the door with the old mesh (RHS) and the news stainless bars I have now fitted to the whole door on the other side. It has lowered coolant temps by 6 deg C which has been a real eye opener and something to consider when doing your build.