The water plumbing system on VP is not completed as yet, and consists of delivery and drain systems. 1,000 ltrs of fresh water can be carried, 750 ltrs of fresh, 250 ltrs drinking. This is delivered by 3 seperate pumps, one each for fresh, drinking and hot. The drinking water is delivered to a seperate tap on the kitchen sink and the bathroom basin, the fresh is delivered to all the rest of the taps. Hot water is passed through the heat exchanger where 60 ltrs of hot water are maintained by waste engine heat or solar and delivered to the showers (inside and out) by it’s own pump. A dedicated metal, hot water circulation pump circulates coolant through the roof solar system when parked up.

Waste is collected in 2 colour coded tanks, black and grey, each of just under 400 ltrs. The black tank has an air operated knife valve on top to stop the toilet bowl draining and both tanks are subject to forced air and exhaust when the vehicle is travelling.

The air system is for door locking as there are no external handles on VP. Even the engine bay door is locked by an air ram. It is powered by a 24 volt compressor and has various regulators and solenoid valves to open and shut whatever it is desired to move.