On this page you will find links in three areas. The first is people/businesses we have used over the years and know and recommend. The second area is people/businesses we will use in the conversion project. It is up to you to determine if these people/businesses are suitable to be used in your own projects. The third really just pertains to websites that may give you some ideas


Spotty Dog Computer Services. Local supplier for all things PC, computer repairs, website design, etc. Highly recommended, Iain really knows his stuff.

Simplicty Control Systems. Our supplier of PC based control systems for horticulture that are affordable and robust.

Fancyleaf. Fancyleaf is our hydroponic business (farm) where our conversion will actually take place.

Bus and coach parts. If you have a Denning or Austral you need to keep this link nearby.

The suppliers of some bus parts to the above business worth talking to them as well                          

Maytec Australia sell the Maytec profile system in Australia. Highly recommended if you are in the market for a profile system that is strong and vibration free. Use for solar module attachment to roof.

Shanes Autoglass. Shane has many years of experience in fitting glass to just about anything you can think of, highly recommended if you are in Caboolture/Sunshine Coast area and need any glasswork


Ozefridge Pty Ltd. We will use an eutectic fridge setup in our build and these guys will supply the hardware.

Mammoth Motorhome. No interest from prospective buyers so Peter and Alison have decided to finish themselves, as finances become available. Good on you guys !                                                                                                         .

Hobo home site. A couple of people that have been living the dream for the past 6 years. Practical people that have learnt as they go and shared with many.  Site is a great read and very informative. Have linked many people to this site Hobohome the Australian Motorhome

CMCA is the organisation that really cares for us. If you contemplate anything like this in the future JOIN NOW. There is a wealth of experience and help out there, avail yourself of it                


Bus conversions 101. A yankee site that may give you some ideas of what is possible with deep pockets!

Northcoach equipment. We may use these guys for supply of some parts as they seem to have a good range.

Ron Morris Engineering. Used to be insight engineering. Seems to have the runs on the board,

Norden. Produce room slide stuff and slides for barbies etc. May be of some use so try

Peninsula Motorhomes. Leveling sytems , tank moniotrs some of that sort of stuff.

Liftco Inc from the states. Can’t find an Aussie distributor but we like their wall mounted slide systems.    

My busparts is a site devoted to helping people with bus parts getting together with people who need bus parts.  We hope to sell some excess parts here   for a quite reasonable price. Definitely worth a look.     

Springers low voltage specialists. Brisbane solar installers with a large range of stuff to do with RV elec systems. Very competitive on modules and batteries, especially if buying a few. Will be doing the mains voltage stuff on our vehicle.  We have found them to be quite helpful with good advice