This area has been quite difficult for many people, we are no exception. It was poorly designed in the first place as far as we are concerned, with many places for the dreaded H2O to get in and start its silent work.

We eventually decided to cut the lot and start again, Mike convinced me this was the way to go and I am glad he did as it turned out to be a much quicker process with a better result in the end. Quite a few pics of the area as it was one of the majors, I can quite understand people going “too hard” and putting up with what is there. In our case Mr Corrosion had input to the debate as well and the only way we could be sure to shut him up was totally renew.



Should be called rust repair maybe, instead of frame repair ?

Anyway, if you buy one of these old coaches you should be prepared to do some frame repair as they were built from steel and over the years and sometimes millions of kilometres of body flexing, moisture can get in and start it’s silent but deadly work. We were at the extreme end of the scale which took some time to repair but we know now what we have and are happy with the result. Of course we also saved tens of thousands in the purchase price which was probably the only thing that got the project past the book keeper !!

One thing that we were fortunate in though is that we were able to build ourselves a shed to do the conversion in. I simply do not know if we could have completed this amount of repair, if we had to do the job in the harsh sun, or in rain. It was a simple greenhouse construction with a shade screen for the hot days and it allowed the work to continue, no matter the weather. I take my hat off to those that do a conversion, even without major repair, in the open, even more so if there is big stuff to do as well.

Anyway it is all done now and VP is being used for what she was intended, short trips of up to a month so far, but we are only home a few days and are wanting to go again. If we can unload the business soon they will become way longer !

I am not going to replicate the text of the old website,  each picture is captioned and the gallery tells a story I think. Enjoy.