So what have we done lately ? 

  • Fitted an 8 camera DVR system with double cameras front and rear and one one each side, as well as one in the engine bay to warn of any engine room fires.
  • Purchased a White Pointer antennae for better mobile reception, it also runs the DVR wifi to a website where it is tracked and video files uploaded. Still to fit.
  • Purchased 3 digital fan controllers, for more precise thermatic fan control, still to fit.
  • Purchased a satellite TV system, will automate it ourselves, manual at the moment, works very well though, easy to set up.
  • Decided to only carry one coach spare in the trailer, will replace with 2 x water bladders for another 250 ltrs water.
  • Working on plumbing change to grey water, as almost everywhere we have been, CP’s included, drop their grey on the ground, we want to be able to do that without it going through the grey tank, then the grey tank can also be used as additional black storage.
  • Ordered 220 volt AC water pumps (centrifugal) as the ELV ones are too noisy, not only ours but others as well, bloody annoying. 40 psi 10 ltrs per min.



Current look of VP and trailer and a concept of the last scene from the movie, comments ?  This is the last scene of the movie where he is cornered and goes “fook it, I ain’t going to jail” and hits the loud pedal straight into the 2 bulldozers the cops have placed across the road.

Am in the process of trying to get a vinyl wrap made, also the name for both back and front.

VP rear pic



Paint resize VP for site
































A few people have asked why I have canned the forum and the buyers group. The forum was canned because of personal abuse from one buy group member trying to make out I was some sort of orc, because he did not have the money to meet his commitments.

As this left me with a set of wheels and nuts for a Tourmaster or Denning, that I had paid for in good faith to help the guy out, I decided to also can the buyers group as I could see no reason to spend my time saving people heaps of money using my contacts, only to be left with egg on my face. Sorry, one can spoil it for all very easily.