We have built our own levelling system as we have the skills and some of the parts lying around. We have had to purchase a couple of powerpacks, each which had 2 x 2way valves mounted on it. We made a new aluminium block to mount all four valves on, instead of the supplied blocks that took only 2 valves. We then purchased 4 x 2 1/2″ rams with 16″ stroke, made up some hoses from the 1,000 mtrs we had on hand, ran a couple of wires and connected them to a few spring loaded bell push switches, and all of a sudden we had a levelling system.

Little bit more to it than that but not much. Easily strong enough to lift the coach off the ground, though that is not why it was fitted. If you have a lot of slideout rooms levelling is not just desireable, it is essential.

We are also fitting a failsafe system to the rams, more will follow on this as it is completed.

Some pics of the failsafe are below, even if any rams creep down they will be stopped. When wanting to operate the rams the failsafe must be released or no power is available to operate the rams