Most of the electrical systems that are fitted to VP are low voltage, or more correctly, ELV or extra low voltage. Mains voltage which is referred to these days as low voltage (how misleading is that?) or 240 volts is used mainly for running the air-cons and small appliances in the kitchen. One of these is the 240 volt 3 speed range hood. ELV range hoods simply do not move enough air from around the stove if you are cooking a roast. All lighting is 24 volt LED (there are 30 of them in all) with virtually all switched individually for as many combinations as the heart desires.

Other major power users such as refrigeration and air compression (separate air system for door locks etc) are also 24 Volts DC, drawing off the large battery bank (approx 1.200 amp hours at 24 volt) The fridge/freezer has been constructed by us from specialised polyurethane foam and fibreglass and is kept cool by a eutectic system. This should restrict the fridge compressor running to a couple of hours a day, if it is not opened too much. This 250 ltr fridge/freezer is located in the bins and is on drawer slides so it is easy to access.

There will also be a small bar fridge in the bar which is to go into the near side slideout, which will handle the day to day small requirements for the kitchen as well. This will also be 24 Volts DC.

Of course there are always a couple of things you cannot buy in 24 volt so there are a couple of 24 to 12 Volt convertors on board to take care of any 12 volt requirements. These are located in the electrical cupboard near the drivers seat for things like the CD and CB, near the main switchboard for the 12 volt exhaust fans in the bathroom and the 12 volt lighting for the gas stove/grill/oven and there are several more converters in the bin area. A larger one allows both the Liftco slides to be moved at once and a smaller one runs the 3 x 12 volt water pumps (fresh, drinking and hot).

Have started doing a bit with the bigger fridge in the bins, so we can get the bugger out of the shed ! Will be more here in the next few days