We have been asked by several viewers to put up a page where they can show some photos of their own conversion. This may be because they don’t have the time, or perhaps the skills or inclination or spare cash to do a whole website about their own experience. We are happy to oblige, so if you are in the middle of a conversion, or even just about to start drop us an email with a photo(s) of your vehicle and we will be glad to show it, and then other viewers will also be able to follow your progress.   We have created a gallery for each project, so, whenever a critical or satisfying stage is reached, drop us a pic so we can all see how you are progressing.

Some of our projects have been updated with lots of photos, this is what is of interest to other converters, if you pride is here please make an effort to show us all where you are at!


Brian and Jenni are living on a cattle station a few hundred K’s from Brisbane while they do the second conversion on their vehicle, a 79 Tourmaster. This time around they get to rectify the mistakes they made in the first conversion, like a roof lift and removal of a lot of the windows to assist in keeping the coach cool in summer. In these latest pics we can see the frame is quite clean with minimal rust. Just a stress plate along the side, so much simpler than the later ones that used all that webbing, which rusted really well.The coach has an unusual roofline, which must have been the go when it was produced. Not too sure about the Leggo model though, unless to show off meticulous planning !!


Neill and Tracey from Melbourne have a very pretty 84 Tourmaster on a Merc chassis that they have stripped and have now started on their conversion. No roof lift this time around but a BIG sound system from what I hear. Neill reckons his Merc is so much faster than Detroits that he needs a big air brake (like a plane) to slow it down. He is trying to tell us it is a pop top roof for the bedroom, using the old aircon pod, but we can see through that ! Neill has some later photos on the web, so here is the link for that


Drew and Sarah from Perth came to Brisbane to find their own 87 Tourmaster and drove it home. They are still stripping it but plan a roof lift and a couple of slide out rooms as soon as the dirty jobs are out of the way, then its off to see the country. Young couple doing at the right end of their life together.

UPDATE: Tax problems have forced this couple to put the coach on the market. Drew was working so much to make money to spend on the coach, he had no time left to work on the coach. Just got himself a big tax bill. Very good buy for someone in the west. If interested contact us and we will put you in touch.

UPDATED UPDATE: Coach has been sold for more than was paid for it, first bub is on the way, thats the end of that dream for a few years.


Dirk and Mary from Urunga have an 87 Austral that had a large amount of frame rust, necessitating a complete frame rebuild above the floor. This has been a long process, working under tarps with some not very kind weather to contend with, however the frame is now ready for glassing. 2 slide rooms are being fitted, with the design and fabrication by Dirk. As you can see he has had a lot of rust to contend with.


Bill from Bendigo has aquired a very tidy Merc to convert, still a long way to go but should be a nice job.

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Mervin fom Whyalla has done a few short trips, with 5 kids and another on the way needs plenty of bunks !


Greg and Heather are from Hamilton in Victoria, 2 years into their conversion, at the stage of getting it weather tight. Leyland chassis, Scania motor, Custom Coaches body originally. Slow and frustrating but enjoyable at the same time ? We hear ya Greg, nothing good happens overnight !


Brett and Liz are from Perth. They have owned their Tourmaster for almost 2 years now and have got to the stage of being ready for interior fitout, and are having trouble finding anyone in the west able to do what they want


Gary and Trish hail from Calliope in Queensland and have now registered their Denning coach “In The Longyard” which looks a very neat conversion. Still got things to do but already enjoying the fruits of their work. Gary has retired recently and Longyard is getting a few miles on her these days.

Ray and Debbie have purchased a Denning and started their conversion, will be looking for some photos as you go along guys?


Anthony has a very colourful Denning, until recently was also doing an Eagle but let it go to someone “that loved it more than me”. Got caught in the recent rain on a trip back from Melbourne and had to do a few detours on back roads which tested both driver and coach


Woody is in the US army, has contacted us for info about slides, I have added to the projects page just to show some people have a really unusual choice of toad !

These pics were sent to us by Owen (forum member) you can contact him there. The conversion started life as a ’78 Denning as you can see, but has been extremely well transformed as you can see from the extensive gallery. As an aside, how many of you would absolutely kill to have a shed like this (and the gear) to do your conversion in? I have not added any captions at this stage as there are just too many pics, but it shows what can be done with an older coach with some knowledge, perserverance and equipment. Well done Owen, you have done a great job on this one, when do we see some pics of the latest Denning ?


Owen has what he calls a Bedabago, cause he can’t afford a Winniebago. Based on a Bedford chassis and called “Dunno” because he could not think of a name, but I suspect the Denning? parked behind is the next project.


Glen has kindly sent us some early pics of his Denning and a two level layout. He is quite open to your comments on these layouts, if you wish to make any constructive remarks please do so on the forum. The layout must cater for 2 adults and 2 small children. It is now roof lifted, sheeted and painted, so on with the interior.


Frank is working on a Volvo coach at Jimboomba in Queensland and has joined the buyers group. We expect some more photos as the build progresses, as you can see has reached the fitout stage.

Ashley has been involved in the RV industry for a few years now and is working on a Volvo conversion, with a fair way to go at this stage Has some pics on the web, here are his


Bernie is fitting out a Volvo/Volgren as a motorhome on the Sunny coast of Qld, way to go yet but is tackling with gusto.


Peter is fitting out an Isuzu in South Australia, looks like he is doing it in the open which is pretty hard, some more pics as you get further along please Peter.


As you can see Danny and Rosalie have made a good start on their project and have joined the buying group, hopefully we can save them some money further down the track


Steve Magner is embarking on his Denning conversion, early days yet, lets see some more pics as you get further down the road Steve.


It seems I never added Mark’s original pic of his Denning from way back, dunno how I missed that one, sorry Mark. I will add that one in a gallery and also a link to some more pics that he has on the web. Here that link is:!134&a! mp;type=5&authkey=6PSMgvRVKyc%24&Bsrc=EMSHOO&Bpub=SN.Notifications

If you have a section in this projects area and have other pics on the web somewhere, please send me a link as I am happy to include it (saves my hosting space as well)


Troy hails from Orange in NSW and has purchased a very clean looking Tourmaster. The man has great taste ! Looking around for someone to help with a roof lift.


Clive hails from Moranbah in Queensland, got a uni course to finish before he can get stuck into his conversion but as you can see has made good use of his coach already


Fay and Graeme are from Western Australia. Graeme is a fly in fly out mine worker who has had some holdups in his conversion with health and other issues. Now all sorted and the conversion is being undertaken on his time off.


I have had these pics for some time now and did not realise I had not added to projects page. Chris and Liz have an ex Brisbane Bus Lines coach that has been configured in a very unusual way, before the seats were removed. The floor had been levelled and 72 seats fitted. This coach is currently undergoing a roof lift by an experienced RV builder that is quite affordable, more on that to follow.


Stephen and his partner have an unusual coach, a Denning “Jumbo” which has duals on the rear axle. Not the drive axle, the tag axle. There were only a few of these made as the extra cost was probably not embraced by some hard as nails bus operators. They hail from the west and are gearing themselves up for a roof lift, better do it soon or I will be over there to do it for you !


Bruce has a Mercededs based Tourmaster and hails from the hinterland behind the Gold Coast. He did this build in 3 months !!!! That is absolutely staggering but shows what you can do when you put your mind to it. I havent bothered to put descriptions on the pics as they are pretty self explanatory. Well done Bruce !