We have made extensive changes to the front area of VP. Gone is the original entrance door and steps and instead a reworked dash and passenger seat have been fitted, with some custom storage as well. We strongly believe in having a specific travelling area, without having to change your layout to accommodate seats that turn around to become part of the living room furniture. As well that smaller area uses less energy to air condition when moving.

The original driving seat is retained, reupholstered and a 2 seater reclining coach seat for 2 passengers has been fitted. The coach seat has a lap belt in the centre and a lap sash belt for the passenger closest to the side wall. This is legal, you do not need expensive ADR approved integral seats, just approved seat belt mounts. If your certifier says different, find another.

Our mod plate pertains to the seating number and the cabin mods. In our case 53 becomes 3. So the mod plate covers that and it means that seats are in place for the 3 seats, those seat mountings are sufficient and the seat belt mountings are also sufficient. Expensive area for some from what we hear.