This section is mainly about solar electricity generation and storage, as energy is a subject that crosses over into other areas such as plumbing and electrical. All planning has been along the lines of making VP able to be self sufficient for as long a period as possible. For instance most hot water will be generated by waste heat from the Detroit while travelling and excess solar when still. The biggest fridge/freezer is a very energy efficient eutectic one built by us. There is a small mains power fridge upstairs for the essentials. (butter, milk, beer)

The solar generation is bigger than found on many houses, 10 x 200 watt 24 volt panels or modules. They reside on a purpose built aluminium profile system, along with some piping for the solar section of the coolant used for hot water generation. The profile system will also allow us to hang a motorised full length awning off each side, with no side struts. 70mm squared positive and negative cables in conduit run down to the bin area where the Super Combi power management centre resides, along with the large battery bank of Lithiums. The Super Combi is way more than an inverter, it can blend the output from your battery bank with shore power if needed to run a welder for instance. It can also blend multiple DC input sources to charge the battery bank such as solar, alternator, generator, and shore. It will even start and stop your generator when required. The Super Combi will also output up to 3 Kw of 240 volt power for whatever use you require it for.

The battery bank is of approximately 800 amp hours at 24 volt which weighs 200 Kg (literally). We have decided to go Lithium instead of AGM’s, we feel they are last years technology. Still be able to run an aircon all night if necessary.

The following gallery contains some pics of the battery carriers for the Lithium batteries, as you can see there are 2 shelves, each holding 400 Amp hours. Amazing product.

I have decided to add the LPG energy to this section as well. Still pulling my hair out over idiots that do not have any idea of what needs to be done, though that have an installers ticket.

Finally LPG is fitted and certified, found a guy who had some idea of what he is doing (some of his work still illegal) but happy to issue a certificate so done and dusted. Biggest hassle of the whole build !