I have started another page as we move closer to registration. This makes sense, as we do the final jobs on the lists, we will be jumping all around the place, save time for both of us.

 Yesterday (Saturday 29/3/14) VP was weighed by a mobile transport weighing service. This means we are now at the stage of being able to arrange a NHVAS inspection (national heavy vehicle accreditation scheme) by an independent assesor. He will measure and do a safety inspection, which means we simply front up to Qld Transport with paperwork and bags of money, to get some plates for VP WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!

Also have a Suzki Grand Vitara turbo diesel sitting in the yard, ready to go, getting close !

We will start with a pic of VP outside for the first time in 3 years, turned around to point towards the road, hopefully a sign of things to come, shortly. Then on to a pic of the roof and a couple of the inverter remote panel, showing output for the solar system on a cloudy day. Enjoy, more to come over the next couple of weeks.

The grille over the radiator has been removed for powder coating, now re-installed and looks great. All curtain holders have been fitted (photos with 2 days)

The rear panel has been re-gelcoated as we were not happy with some parts of it. Brakes have been adjusted ready for rego, after a complete rebuild. Lots of little things, ticking off one at a time.

Really, really happy how the electric awnings (all 7 of them) have turned out. As we were turning around to put on blocks to fit the air dryer I have purchased I decided to put some of them out for some pics. Shot some video as well but no time to edit yet.

Air dryer has finally arrived in Brisbane, if you use shipito don’t use TNT, bloody hopeless ! Fitting next week, one more job out of the way