This addition to the site is specifically for bits and pieces that are not RV unique. That is they may be a product from Bunnings, as indeed the first one is, or your local plumbing shop, as is the second. The point is, these products are out there, easily accessable and if they work in our situation, even though not specifically designed for it, why not use them ?  Visitors are invited to suggest products like these that they may have found useful, or are intending to use themselves. Send an email to: if you wish to suggest something. If you find some of these suggestions useful, please drop an email to the above, as it takes time and energy to maintain this section which can only expand with feedback and input from people like yourselves.


This one is for fairly flat areas such as a flat roof etc. This is where we will be using these in Vanishing Point. As we have a glossy ceiling (white) planned these willl be very unobtrusive. They work by simply pushing into the hole you cut, (8″ x 8″ as they are made in the states) the spring loaded clips snap into place to hold it there with quite a bit of pressure. To access whatever you have fitted under there you simply pull down on the panel, overcoming the spring loaded clips. A very simple, elegant way to cover and conceal, yet have ready access. Highly recommended, available from Bunnings.

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Hepworth have invented a waterless trap that is great in confined situations. It can even be installed vertically ! Used with some of the company’s other products plumbing that was previously impossible is now possible. Definitely worth a look if you are converting. Try LEAP LTD website or contact us for a better link.

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Brian has found an air hydraulic jack in one of the catalouges he has that we think is great. It is air over hydraulic and will lift to 20 tonnes, reasonably priced at under $300 and oh so much better than messing around with hydraulic bottle jacks. We are purchasing one for our own use in tyre changing and bog extracation. If this product sounds useful to you email us for a link to the sellers site.

A guy in Sydney has contacted us, they are wrecking a Britz Elite, have the full camper conversion available, if any interest get in touch and I will get you some contact details. Seems quite good nick, is complete, would be a quick start for someone with one of these vans. He wants to sell the whole conversion in one go, not bits and pieces.

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We have purchased a barbie on special from Barbeques Galore, all stainless for $149 AUD. Great value, will fit in the bin where the entrance steps used to be. Have a look and see what you think. Only change we will make is a steel plate instead of the grill, which is our preference, otherwise just gets bolted up to the slide out rails. Oh, it has adjustable feet as well, though we won’t be using them.

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No doubt most of you are going for or considering LED lighting for the low current draw. We certainly are, to the extent we are not fitting any 240 V lighting to Vanishing Point at all, as we don’t think it is necessary, and of course it is less for the sparky to do, so saves a few readies.
The problem of course with LED’s is the lower ight output. There are some high power LED’s on the market, but usually in the direct fed higher voltages. We have been trying to solve this problem for some time now and as we are at the ceiling stage it has become critical. We have looked at the types of lighting and chosen 2, the first will be some strip lighting along the pine which covers the middle joint, easy enough to source and the second will be some downlights to add a bit more light in specific areas.
We have been buying some stuff from a HK company, Horizon Star Energy, but have not been able to settle on anything we thought really fitted the motorhome fitment for a variety of reasons. For instance MR16 globes just have 2 pins, and with the globe pointing downward, hit a good bump and there is every chance your globe will all out. There are now springloaded pin holders on the market but one lighting shop told me that there is also the risk of pin breakage, so for us, that ruled them out. Next to GU10’s but the globes are all mains power. Tried Edison screw as well and was going to go this way (albeit with fittings where the globe lays on it’s side as normal ones are too high) when the manager of the lighting shop I was in walked past the discussion, got himself really excited and said “I have just what you need”
He ducked into his office and came out with a light in a box which we took into the darkest part of the place (the kitchen) and plugged it.
I was blown away, here was excatly what I was looking for.
It is not on the market yet as he is importing this himself, and it is going throuh testing to get approval.

Ok here is some pics of what there seems to be some interest in. This is the way we are going, if you think you may have some interest in looking at one of these lights get in contact. They will only be available to buying group members and if you register and interest it may
be possible to get you a sample with our shipment. This is directly from the factory, not via my local guy who hinted at twice the price for the round light and 4 times for the bar light. Let me know if you have any interest as they have minimum quantities, I will not be able to get one or two after we grab all of ours.

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Do it again?

At this stage yes, we are no doubt lucky we have had some talented help to shorten the process but there is no turning back as far as we are concerned. If contemplating something like this, be aware it will become a major part of your life and will, in some respects, take over. However, from the experience and ideas gained from the first one, we know we are on the right track. People our age are disgusted by the inabilty of governments to govern, instead giving in to any minority group that proposes anything that suits their agenda. Whatever happened about gov for the masses? Or in other words the greater good?

Nope, country like others is stuffed, we just want to get away from all this crap and enjoy the place before they won’t allow you to. So, yes, we are doing the right thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!