Have been having fun with fitting longer wheel studs for extra wheel security. In the process we took the chance to replace hub seals and hub oil, thats a maintenance thing that won’t have to be done again for a while.

We found the tag brakes were completely shot. The S cam has plastic replaceable bushes at each end, one in the bracket that also holds the actuator and one in the backing plate or brake spyder as they are called.

 The one in the brake spyder had been replaced with a metal one, probably turned up to fit the enlarged hole in the brake spyder. Unfortunately it had also started to move so the meant to be round hole for the bush was decidedly egg shaped. We looked at getting it bushed after turning it so the hole was round again, but the time, and the cost made us start to think it was hardly worth while so we ended up buying new brake spyders from B and C parts at about $450 each. Ouch !

Over the time this was happening the brake shoes were being pushed at a funny angle, every time the brakes were applied they started wearing the shoes, and then the drum into a series of hills and valleys, making them completely useless.

Back to B and C parts for new brake drums, shoes and S cam bushes, as well as 2 new S cams. Haven’t showed the missus the bill yet !

Here are pics on new studs fitted, the steer axle has all the brand new gear on it now as the spyders are swapable front to back, just have to change sides.

We have also fitted up an air dryer for the compressed air system that operates the brakes. Dunno why one was not fitted at build time, these are great pieces of kit, not expensive, and means you can drain your tanks monthly instead of weekly. The first 3 pictures are of the unit fitted in one of the rear bins.